We are a not-for-profit organization that exists to enhance and enable the work of protecting, conserving, restoring and promoting  the preservation of the artefacts and history related to early rural life in Eastern Ontario. 

Our members come from a wide variety of backgrounds.   Some of us are well established collectors and some are new enthusiasts.  Regardless of our own interests, we are all  committed to preserving the machines, tools, and techniques that made the settlement of this area possible.  

In addition to four general meetings per year,  our members can often be found exhibiting and demonstrating at local fairs and events.   Look for the Vintage Iron and Traditions logo.  If you see us please stop by!

Our Executive:

President              Hank Bakker

Vice President     Barry Dean

First Vice            Francois Latour

Secretary             Sharen Armstrong

Treasurer            Glen Edwards

Director Membership and Insurance          Ed Bowkett

Director, Clothing/Memorablia                   George Zandbelt

Special Events   Ginette Hamilton

Honorary Director          Henry Staal

Honorary Director/Vintage Times Newsletter Editor     Tom Van Dusen

Vintage Times Publication Assistants      Mary Montgomery & Bonnie Bowkett

New members are always welcome. Join Us!

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